Mumbai Heavy rain alert for 36 hours, three trains stopped 120 km ago

Mumbai: Mayagaraja has been in vogue for the last several days in Myanagari Mumbai. Six districts of Maharashtra,…

Mumbai: Mayagaraja has been in vogue for the last several days in Myanagari Mumbai. Six districts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, have been receiving continuous rainfall for over 50 hours. The weather department has issued an alert for the next 36 hours. As a result, schools have been ordered to be closed in 4 districts. All three armies have to be called for relief and rescue. With 8 teams of NDRF working. It is important that at Koradi Station, 120 km away from Mumbai, three trains have been stopped at Karnak Express, Punjab Mail and Dadar-Amritsar Express.

Currently, Mumbai and Pune are receiving light rain. According to the Meteorological Department, heavy rainfall alert has been issued in Mumbai, Thane, Palghar and Pune in the next 36 hours.

Rescuers were rescued in many districts: The sweet river of Mumbai is also overflowing with suspicion of danger. Low areas are flooded with water. 400 people have been relocated. About 120 Navy and Army personnel have been deployed to Thane in Thane. 73 people have been airlifted from Nandukhadi village and Palghar. Meanwhile, 50 patients and 120 workers were rescued in a private hospital in Pune on Sunday.

For 2 days hungry thirsty travelers have been arranging villagers’ dinners: The valley is a very small station with no shops on the platform. Here, two trains were stopped due to rain on Saturday night. The villagers are arranging tea and tea for the hungry thirsty travelers traveling by train.

40 lakh people affected: 40 lakh people have been affected by rainfall in Mumbai and 8 adjoining areas. Six trains have been canceled due to flooding on the railway track. Local trains are also closed in many areas. 24 long-distance trains have been diverted. At the same time, 16 feet high waves have also been raised in the coastal areas on the second day.

Impact on local train service: 6 trains have been canceled due to waterlogging on the railway track. So many trains have been diverted. The Met department has said that Mumbai will receive heavy rainfall with heavy winds. NDRF has so far deployed 8 teams in Maharashtra and Gujarat for relief and rescue work.

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