Alliances Galore Prepares for the Post Lockdown Era for Payments Industry

Alliances Galore has spent the last 3 months preparing for the post lockdown era where they see an…

Alliances Galore has spent the last 3 months preparing for the post lockdown era where they see an even greater push for Cashless transactions than demonetization and making them more relevant as they continue to help payment companies incentivize their customers for paying through their platforms. The Phobia of handling cash will help payment companies thrive further.

Since just before the beginning of the lockdown, the payments industry has very wisely focused on running offers on the E-com portals only and as we begin to open up and people start going back to shops, restaurants, salons we expect a change in behavior of the customers in terms of hygiene. Cash is widely believed to be a carrier of the infection and that belief in the near future will force many to adapt the cashless modes and keeping that in mind, the networks, wallets and card companies are preparing themselves to further drive this behavior by investing in Post Lockdown offers and innovative point of sale brand presence in the offline space,” quotes Vikul Chander, Co-founder and CEO, Alliances Galore.

While the first quarter has been a washout for the Payments industry, the management at Alliances Galore is convinced that there will be a surge in spends in Quarter 2 which will help it a long way in covering up for the once in a lifetime phase that the economy has seen.

We are constantly tracking the consumer behavior in the countries that have opened up to some extent to predict what would happen in India and it is very encouraging for the offline industry on a whole, although the consumers should be extremely cautious when they step out while we prepare to live with the virus,” quotes Rattandeep Singh, Assistant Vice President, Alliances Galore.

Meanwhile, Vikul Chander has recently completed 5 successful year as the C.E.O at Alliances Galore. Besides his elaborate and versatile role at Alliances Galore, he enjoys mentoring and training young enthusiastic, marketing management students and urges them to be real with themselves from day 1 to achieve their goals.

With a keen mind to experiment and learn from hands-on experience, he has guided Alliances Galore to being a sought-after name in the Strategic Alliances industry,” quotes Mahipal Singh, Co-founder, Alliances Galore.

About Alliances Galore

With a ten-year footprint, Alliances Galore is currently one of the fastest growing alliances management company in the industry. Owing to an astute knowledge of the consumer base and a refined partner network spread globally, Alliances Galore has the privilege of having created a legacy of successful consumer programs for its clients.

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