AP govt releases Rs 10k allowance to each of 2.62 lakh auto & taxi drivers

The AP government has disbursed Rs 10,000 each as an advance payment to 2,62,495 auto or taxi owners…

The AP government has disbursed Rs 10,000 each as an advance payment to 2,62,495 auto or taxi owners and drivers. The amount has been given as a measure to sustain them for another 4 months.

The YS Jaganmohan Reddy government has made the payment under its flagship scheme as promised in his election campaign. The YSR Vahana Mitra scheme was launched on October 4, 2019.

Chief Minister Jagan Reddy initiated the process of disbursing Rs 10,000 each to 2,62,495 auto/taxi/maxi cab owners; and drivers during a video conference attended by all 13 collectors, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders on Thursday.

“The chief minister also appealed to the beneficiaries to use the money for the intended purpose and not for alcohol.

The YSR Vahana Mitra was launched on October 4, 2019 with an aim to provide an annual allowance of Rs 10,000 to auto and taxi drivers to meet insurance premium, license fees and other recurring expenses

Though the government had to disburse the amount on October 4, 2020, on the anniversary of the scheme’s launch, the funds have been released 4 months in advance due to the lockdown. The move is aimed at helping families cope with the financial crunch.

The chief minister asked people to check their eligibility criteria for the scheme in their respective villages or ward secretariats.

Those who meet the eligibility but have not received any amount as yet can reapply under the scheme, he said. “They can also use the ‘Spandana’ online platform to claim their benefits, if they fit into the eligibility criteria. 

The amount will be credited by July 4,” he added. The government plans to disburse next week financial assistance under a state scheme for barbers, washermen, and tailors, and to handloom weavers on June 24.

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