Virtual Yatra Held to Commemorate III Anniversary of 5th Dham Stone Laying Ceremony

The third anniversary of the stone laying ceremony of the 5th Dham at Siem Reap, Cambodia, was recently…

The third anniversary of the stone laying ceremony of the 5th Dham at Siem Reap, Cambodia, was recently celebrated with pomp and splendour. The global COVID-19 pandemic did not stop the patrons and Dham veterans from organizing the event.

A Virtual Yatra was conducted on Zoom on the 30th of May, 2020 to mark the 3rd anniversary of the stone laying ceremony of the 5th Dham initiative, which was started on the 1st of June 2018, at Siem Reap, Cambodia. The global COVID-19 pandemic did not deter the patrons and Dham veterans from organizing the event.

The tone for the future of Sanatana Dharma seems to be forming with followers from across the globe participating in the Virtual Yatra. The event organized under the aegis of the 1008 Names of Shivas Association, a CSR initiative of SRAM & MRAM has been witnessing giant strides with people from all walks of life including saints, rishis, gurus, politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats, and people from all religions and faith participating in the virtual event to commemorate the start of the third year of the stone laying ceremony of the 5th Dham at Siem Reap, Cambodia.  

Speaking on the Virtual Yatra, Indresh Kumar said that it’s the RSS’s dream that peace be achieved throughout the world through the practice of Sanatana Dharma. With a pluralistic society like India taking the lead in what could be the next positive step for the coming decade, 1008 Names of Shivas and the people of the Indian Diaspora across the world will need to contribute their might by taking part in the rallies that will be organized from now on until the completion of the temple work. With the 1008 Names of Shivas taking the lead in setting up what would become the biggest pilgrimage centre in the East Asian countries, Cambodia’s name will once again be etched in History for having the second largest Hindu temple after the Angkor Wat. History will not say who built the temple but will praise the efforts of every global citizen who will be inking their mark in the Sanatana Dharma movement.

The Virtual Yatra was attended by some very prominent personalities from almost all walks of life viz. Spiritual, Business, Education, Government and Judiciary. The event was blessed by his holiness Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji and His holiness Swami Chidanand Muniji, Jagatguru Ananthanandji, Sadhvi Bhagwatiji. Also people from different walks of life and from different geographical areas viz. Professor Geeta Singh – Director of CPDHE – UGC, Professor Anand Vardhan from Bulgaria, Professor Ram Prasad Bhatt from Germany, Dr. Bhautesh Sharma-Scientist, Professor Bhagvati-Vice-Chancellor, renowned Television artist Rupa Ganguly, members of the press Savitri Tiwari, Mauritius, participated in the event. Besides, various renowned dignitaries from across the world viz. Devendra Singh Badauriya, England, Member of Parliament Gopal Singh, Vinod Kumar Secretary General – VHP-Mauritius, RSS Senior Leader Shri Shyam Palande, Malavika Singh and Shailesh Vats, also attended the meeting along with more than 200 followers.

Gopal Narayan Singh, Member of Parliament and a trustee and member of 1008 Names of Shivas has been providing all the necessary help to ensure the success of the event. He has been painstakingly providing all the necessary impetus for the successful culmination of Mission 5th Dham. Geeta Singh, Professor and a veteran academician has her roots in the Sanatana Dharma movement and for two years has been organizing multiple sessions with senior members of the 1008 Names of Shivas Trust for the construction of the 5th Dham. 

1008 Names of Shivas Association, the flag bearer for the event in Cambodia, has been at the forefront of various cultural activities and has been trying to unite the East Asian nations through the Fifth Dham initiative and help fostering the thought process viz. Sanatana dharma. RSS Senior leader Indresh Kumar, has been vocal about his support to the 5th Dham initiative and will consecrate all his efforts towards this noble cause and has put the RSS wheels on motion to support the initiatives taken by 1008 Names of Shivas Association and has decided to actively participate in the development of the 5th Dham.  He feels that top Indian corporates across the globe are ready to join hands and help develop the same partly by their contributions towards their respective CSR activities and getting a movement started by involving the people of Indian and Asian origin to participate in this massive movement.

With each passing year the initiative is turning over a new leaf. The untiring efforts of Indresh Kumar, RSS Veteran, Dr. Sailesh Hiranandani, the conceiver of the idea and Spiritual Guru Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji, the torchbearer of the Sanatana Dharma in India and the entire Far and the Middle East, have been culminating into making the Fifth Dham in Siem Reap, Cambodia into the biggest pilgrimage centre in the East Asian countries.

Particularly, Dr. Sailesh Hiranandani’s painstaking 20 years of research on Hinduism has led to the inception of the 5th Dham movement. Along with Indresh Kumar and Gurujee Kumaran Swamiji, they have been taking all the right steps steadily but surely to ascertain what they think is India’s gift to the world as Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

The existing quadrilateral forming the 4 Dhams are in India viz. Badrinath, Dwaraka, Puri Jagannath and Rameshwaram and Siem Reap will merge as the new 5th Dham eventually forming a pentagon.

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