JKYog to Observe International Yoga Day from June 20 to 26

The JKYog International Festival of Yoga, This first-of-its-kind worldwide online yoga festival offers seven (7) full days of FREE…

The JKYog International Festival of Yoga, This first-of-its-kind worldwide online yoga festival offers seven (7) full days of FREE high quality yoga and holistic health classes, interactive workshops, seminars and more running from June 20th to 26th 2020. Nearly 100 unique classes, workshops and seminars with experts and professionals as well as keynote sessions with Swami Mukundananda, world renowned authority on yoga, spirituality and mind management.

JKYog – International Festival of Yoga

Celebrating International Yoga Day is a golden opportunity to invest in your holistic health and nourish your body, mind and soul. This time of the year many unique offerings abound allowing you to tap into the rich timeless treasures of yoga. Some guidance on how to celebrate International Yoga Day combined with a little planning will give you a head start in helping you start reaping the benefits.

JKYog – Meditation

International Yoga Day is a great time to wet your feet if you are new to yoga or dive deeper into the vast body of divine knowledge embodied in the yogic sciences. Set aside time for one of the many special yoga and holistic health events taking place around the world. Celebrating globally not just locally provides an added satisfaction and connectedness.

JKYog – Yoga

If you haven’t yet set aside some personal quiet time daily to nourish and nurture yourself, take this opportunity to create a sacred time for reflection and practice. Start by carving out a time period you know you can successfully unplug from the outside world without distraction. The length of time is less important, but being consistent is critical. If you’ve fallen away from this practice, this is a great time to renew your commitment to it. Whatever you do, this should be a time to focus inward and disconnect from the outer world around you. You can use this time by practicing a few yoga poses, meditation, pranayam (breath work), guided relaxation, reading or contemplating scriptures, listening to devotional music, etc.


Your life path follows the path of your mind. Keep your mind engaged in positivity and pass it forward. The more you elevate your thoughts the higher places you will go. Yoga is much more than a physical exercise on a mat. Leaving out the mind from yoga, omits key integral parts of the yogic formula for health and happiness. Yoga cultivates a positive attitude and gives a yogi traction to break the gravity of negative thoughts. International Yoga Day is a perfect time to express thankfulness both inwardly and outwardly to others. Sharing your attitude of gratitude and positivity with others is a great gift to share with the world.

Positivity and gratitude are just one facet of developing the proper mindsets to awaken your best self. There are other mindsets that are critical for maximizing your potential in this life. We tend to underestimate the power of the mind, yet it is the mind that makes or breaks you in any given situation.

You see someone who has wealth and every material comfort, yet they fall to depression or even suicide. On the other hand we may come across a paraplegic who inspires you with their strong will to contribute to society. The mind serves as an enemy to the first and friend to the latter. We often mistakenly think that the mind functions autonomously without our intervention. Emotions come and go, for brief moment there’s calm, but mostly uncountable thoughts spin like a whirlwind, making focus a challenge. Yet, the time testing bodies of yogic science have demonstrated the art and science of mind management.

International Yoga Day can be an opportunity to turn your mind into your best friend. Get online and order a mind management book now in time for International Yoga Day. Swami Mukundananda, international authority on mind management, published an Amazon, 7 Mindsets For Success, Happiness and Fulfillment, guides you in simple steps with tangible action items arming you with the tools to transform your mind.


What makes us truly successful in life is how you face adversity. Success in good health and happiness does not happy by accident. Challenges and difficulties persistently arise despite your best effort. When you develop our own personal tool chest, you can surmount all obstacles with ease and grace.

Yoga provides powerful time tested simple tools to help you successfully reach your full potential. By participating in the JKYog International Festival of Yoga, you have a free golden opportunity to develop an amazing tool kit for yourself. In the world of information overload, the problem lies not in the wealth of knowledge but in getting to the essence of what is most useful to your life. Building your tool box of dealing with anything that life brings is absolutely critical.

Rather than travelling down the road of life aimlessly, you can achieve so much more by setting goals for yourself, helping you move to new heights. Take time to write down some goals that you would like to set for your personal health and inner growth. To do this properly you will need some quiet time to look at not only what you’ve accomplished to date in life, but your weaknesses. By doing this you can make the most of International Yoga Day and your access to the JKYog International Festival of Yoga. With clear goals, connection with likeminded people from all over the world, not to mention yoga and holistic health experts, you can truly catapult your life to new heights and new achievements.

Benjamin Franklin took his weaknesses and turned them into goals. Rather than trying to change his whole life overnight, he broke down his goals into small steps. By striving to change just 1% every day, we accomplish unquantifiably more than if we vow to change 100% overnight.

Finally, International Yoga Day, celebrates happiness. Yoga is a gift of inner calmness, rejuvenation, strength, revitalized energy and more. You can share this gift with friends, family or even strangers by inspiring others to celebrate International Yoga Day. You’ll find yourself smiling both inside and out. By sharing and putting these tips to practice for yourself, you can make your very own huge contribution to global health and happiness.

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Sany Donates 1 Lakh N95 Masks & 5 Lakh 3 Ply Masks to Govt of Maharashtra through MIDC

Supporting the Government of Maharashtra in its fight against the COVID, Sany, a leading manufacturer of construction, mining & material handling equipment, heavy machinery and renewable energy solutions donated 1 lakh N95 masks & 5 Lakh 3 Ply Masks to Government of Maharashtra through MIDC. Mr. Deepak Garg, Managing Director, Sany South Asia & Sany India handed over the masks to Shri Rajesh Tope, Minister for Public Health & Family Welfare, Government of Maharashtra. Sany has been in the forefront in helping people during the lockdown by donating masks & PPE kits to various hospitals and people who have been working at the construction sites. Sany also provided food ration to the needy families who were affected due to the lockdown.

(Left to Right): Shri Rajesh Tope, Minister for Public Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Maharashtra & Mr. Deepak Garg, Managing Director, Sany South Asia & India

Mr. Deepak Garg said, "We firmly believe that the fight against COVID should be a combined effort of the government, corporate houses/industries, healthcare professionals and the citizens in general. Within the company, we are adhering to all possible measures to ensure the safety of all our employees and stakeholders." Speaking about this initiative, he further added, "As a socially conscious company, we have taken this small but significant step in providing the N95 masks with an intention of keeping our corona warriors i.e. our doctors, nurses, paramedic staff, district administrators and police personnel safe from this deadly virus. I also need to applaud the commendable efforts taken by the health ministry in combating COVID. I sincerely hope that we become a corona free country soon."

Honorable Shri Rajesh Tope, minister of state for Public Health & Family Welfare, Government of Maharashtra thanked Sany for the donation of masks and advised Sany to keep doing such activities for the betterment of people of India.

Dr. P. Anbalagan, (IAS), CEO of MIDC said, "It's really commendable to see that companies like Sany stand united with us in our fight against this invisible enemy. By providing the N95 and 3 Ply Masks, they have helped the real life warriors who are in the frontline and vulnerable to this deadly virus. As far as protective measures are concerned, it is critical to maintain the constant supply of masks and PPE kits to ensure the safety of our frontline workers. Having said that, I urge more companies to come forward and lend their support in whatsoever way possible."

Mr. Subhedar, Joint CEO of MIDC, said, "With the entire country living under the threat of this fast spreading virus, the need of the hour is to follow preventive measures like wearing a mask. This becomes mandatory for our corona warriors who are more vulnerable in contracting COVID-19. Sany's gesture of providing masks will go a long way in keeping our corona warriors safe and healthy."

Sany has adopted a number of initiatives, both online and offline to promote a healthy and safe atmosphere for their employees. Offline measures like work from home and onsite measures like thermal screening and proper sanitization are being practiced to ensure safety. Online measures include "SANYtization", which is a digital initiative to promote awareness amongst the whole community through social media channels.

About Sany India

Sany India was incorporated in 2002 and offers the widest range of Construction Machinery in India & South Asia. In 2012, Sany India invested more than INR 500 crore to develop infrastructure for R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Inspection, Testing and Service at their manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune. Through this facility, the company operates in four Business verticals viz: Excavator, Heavy Equipment, Concrete Machinery and Renewable Energy. Presently, Sany India offers products like excavators, truck mounted cranes, all terrain and rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, transit mixers, batching plants, boom pumps, trailer pumps, piling rigs, motor graders, pavers, compactors, reach stackers, rubber tyred gantry cranes, rail mounted gantry cranes, mining equipment, wind turbine generators and many more. The company has already established a strong network of around 25 dealers across India to cater to the growing demand and provide support to all its customers & associates. Sany has more than 12000 machines delivered on ground, contributing to infrastructure development projects in India & other South Asian countries. Owing to its widest product range, superior build quality, service commitment, innovative solutions, and global expertise, Sany India has achieved market leadership in various construction equipment segments. With Government of India's focus on infrastructure development and modernization, the company is poised for tremendous growth.

About MIDC

MIDC was established in 1962, under M.I.D. Act 1961 as the premier industrial infrastructure development agency of Government of Maharashtra. It has one of the largest industrial land banks amongst all the Industrial development corporations in India. Through 16 regional offices, MIDC manages its 289 industrial complexes. Standing true to its corporate Philosophy "Prosperity to all through Industrialization" MIDC built 289 Industrial Areas with 66273.82 hectares of land. (Approx.) MIDC has also developed specialized parks for different industrial sectors including IT, BT, Special Economic Zones.