PM Modi On NEP 2020: Holistic Report Card Instead Of Marksheet Is Need Of The Hour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the conclave on ‘School Education in 21st Century’ under the National Education Policy…
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the conclave on ‘School Education in 21st Century’ under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 through video conferencing today. While addressing the nation on ‘School Education in 21st Century’ under the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “India’s education system had remained unchanged in the past three decades. It was critical to bring a new education policy, however, proper implementation needs to be ensured. Questions relating to the implementation and execution are important and critical.”

Here are the highlights of PM Modi speech on National Education Policy 2020:

  • A national curriculum framework will be developed; students should have a new curriculum in 2022 when nation marks 75th year of Independence.
  • We need to understand one scientific thing that language is the medium of education, language is not all education. In whichever language the child can easily learn, the same language should be the permanent language of learning. Is should not be that the energy of the child is spent more on understanding the language than the subject.
  • Can a test or a marksheet be a parameter for children’s learning, their mental development? Today the truth is that marksheet has become a mental pressure sheet.
  • Children are learning while playing. When they are talking in the family, when they go out– they keep on learning. But often parents do not ask children what they have learned. They also ask how much marks were scored.
  • But in the real world, it happens in our lives that all the work can be done with the knowledge of only one field? In reality, all subjects are related to each other. Every Learning is Inter-related.
  • Our earlier education policy has also tied our students very much. The student who takes Science could not study Arts or Commerce. For those with Arts-Commerce, it is assumed that they are reading History, Geography, Accounts because they cannot read the signs.
  • We have to advance our students with 21st Century Skills. What will these 21St Century Skills be? These will be:-Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity, and Communication.
  • The NEP 2020 has been designed in a similar way to reduce syllabus and focus on fundamental things. A National Curriculum Framework will be developed to make learning integrated and Inter-Disciplinary, Fun Based and Complete Experience.
  • There are so many professions that require deep skills, but we do not value them. If students see them, there will be a kind of emotional connection, they will respect them. It may be that many of these children grow up to join such industries, pursue them.
  • It was required to change the old education policy as it is required to change old blackboard.

  • We’ll shift from “Learn to read” to “read to learn” through NEP 2020.
  • Every region across the country has something of its own, some traditional art, workmanship, products are famous everywhere. Visit the students in those looms, handlooms, see how these clothes are made? Such skilled people can also be called in school.
  • We have to increase easy and innovative methods. Our experiment should be the core of New Age Learning- Engage, Explore, Experience, Express and Excel.
  • When education is combined with the surrounding environment, it affects the student’s entire life, it also falls on the whole society.
  • Mathematical thinking and scientific temperament should develop in children, it is very necessary. And Mathematical thinking does not only mean that children solve Mathematics problems, rather it is a way of thinking.
  • A few days ago the Ministry of Education had asked Teachers across the country for their suggestions on MyGov about implementing the National Education Policy (NEP 2020). More than 1.5 million suggestions have been received within a week. These suggestions will help in implementing the National Education Policy more effectively.
  • I am glad that our principals and teachers are participating enthusiastically in this campaign to implement the National Education Policy.
  • Now the real work has started. We have to implement the National Education Policy in the same effective manner. And we will do this work together.
  • The new National Education Policy is also a means of fulfilling new India, new expectations, new requirements. Behind it is the hard work of the last four-five years, people of every field, every genre, every language have worked on it day and night. But this work has not been completed yet.
  • Every region of the world has changed in the last three decades. Every system has changed. There is hardly any aspect of our life in these three decades which is the same as before. But the path on which society moves towards the future, our education system, it was still running on the old pattern.
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