Preity Zinta’s Quarantine Ends. What She Has To Say About Bio-Bubble Rules

Actress Preity Zinta, who is the co-owner of the IPL team Kings XI Punjab, is currently in Dubai…
Actress Preity Zinta, who is the co-owner of the IPL team Kings XI Punjab, is currently in Dubai for the Indian Premier League, and just checked in on Instagram with an update. Preity, who flew into Dubai from Los Angeles over a week ago, was in quarantine for seven days, which finally ended recently. An ecstatic Preity said in a video message on Instagram: “Hi everyone, it’s been two days now since I am out of quarantine. And look at me, I am all smiles.” However, Preity has to abide by the rules of the bio-bubble. The bio-bubble which is a secure environment, restricted to a certain parameter, and cut-off from the outside world, to ensure safety for the IPL players, staff and crew members in the times of COVID-19.

Pointing to her tracker, Preity said: “This is a Bluetooth tracker, that keeps track of where I am going because being part of the bio-bubble, there’s just certain places in the hotel I can go to. Of course we can go to the stadium. I cannot meet anybody outside the bubble. I cannot order food from anywhere. So there are a lot of things and lot of thoughts that have been put in to make us safe.”


In the caption to her video message, Preity thanked the IPL management for ensuring safety: “A lot of rules and restrictions inside the bio-bubble but all for our safety so a big thank you to the BCCI, KXIP management and to everyone at the Sofitel The Palm Dubai for taking so much care to keep us all safe during this IPL.”

Previously, Preity Zinta has been sharing updates from her hotel room in Dubai, saying connecting with her fans on social media was like recreation for her. During her quarantine, Preity Zinta had four COVID-19 tests and was found negative in all. The Indian Premier League takes off in Dubai on Saturday with the first match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. Preity’s team Kings XI Punjab will play against Delhi Capitals on September 20.

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